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Lovable hitman, Wiseguy, works for local Shanghai boss Carlos, but wants to get out of the business. He's recently discovered there's more to life than busting up people's faces. He's found an untapped "sensitive side" inside himself that he needs to explore, and wants to go back to the US to set up a matchmaking service in New York City to bring nice people together.

However, before Wiseguy leaves Shanghai, he needs to secure and deliver a final package to an unknown employer that he's already insulted over the phone. And to complete the mission, he needs to overcome an assortment of evildoers such as Frenchy, Ratnose and Carlos hitmen who want to see him fail.

Supporting Wiseguy on his quest is a country hip-hop underground radio show host by infamous Tea and sexy Honey… The Tea and honey show. In the final scene, the secret contents of the package is ultimately revealed… or is it… but we find out if Wiseguy is off the hook and allowed to live the nice life or back on the chopping block.

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Episode 1: I have a sensitive side.

Season One | Episode 01 (04:34)

Wiseguy decides to quit his job, but his boss is not very happy... oh well.....


  • Drago Lazetich as Wiseguy
  • Yuan Chu as Carlo
  • Jasmine Tse as Radio DJ Honey


  • Drago Lazetich (Creator)
  • Xeum (Music)
  • Joe Nafis/Marianne Kaulima/Eric Heise (Titles)
  • Marianne Kaulima (Publicist/Creative)
  • Joe Nafis (Textures/VFX/Animation)
  • Evan Ricks (3D object modeling)


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