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White Rabbit


Alice Carter believes she has the ability to see visions. What is the truth behind her unique gift? When the visions become more disturbing Alice is referred to specialist Dr John Hatton. Has she met him before? What is the significance of the message 'Follow the White Rabbit'? As her search for the answers continue, Alice uncovers dark secrets and ruthless assassins determined to stop the truth from being discovered.

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  • Clara James
  • Natalie Husdan
  • Linda Edwards
  • Clive Cope
  • Karl Bloomfield
  • Beth Lacey
  • Kris Abrahams
  • Kitty O'Connor
  • Hannah Keeley
  • Steve Speak
  • Emma Nixon
  • Amy Berry
  • Laura Plows
  • Naomi Albans
  • Faye Morrison
  • Johnny Topping
  • Jennifer Chippindale
  • Anna Dawson
  • Michelle Yip
  • Suzanne Fulton
  • Kelly Efthymiou
  • Danny Whittle
  • Kieran Forbes
  • Kat Martin
  • Jasmine Stewart


  • David Gowin (Writer/Directo/ Producer)
  • Ash Tidball (Boom/Post-Sound)
  • Arman Kizir (Boom/Lighting)
  • Paul Bedford (Boom)
  • Daniel Heeles (Boom)
  • Anna Bottomley (Camera)
  • Charlotte France (Camera)
  • Hannah Searle (Director of Photography)
  • Paul Gowin (Graphic Artist)
  • Clara James (Executive Producer)


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