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WENDY tells the story a girl who must choose between the boy she loves and the boy of her dreams.

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In a Dream

Season 1 | Episode 01 (05:40)

Wendy hears Pete call to her long before she sees him. He's the boy of her dreams, but he's more real than anyone she's ever known. Chapter One of WENDY marks the magical beginning to Pete and Wendy's journey, from their dreamy first encounter to the song that draws her back to him. Featuring "Save Me," performed by Tyler Blackburn.


  • Tyler Blackburn
  • Meaghan Martin


  • Alloy Entertainment


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  • It pulled me in. I will follow this series.

  • janet

    Not a bad series, interested to see what happens next.
    If I were 15 I would be in love with this. lol

  • Raven

    Serious I’m addicted I need more… hope that there will be a second series.. This is brilliant!

  • danica torres

    hot,long haired guys always have this mysterious effect.. and im hooked with pete. same way with caleb rivers in pretty little liars @_@

  • dylan

    wow. i can’t wait till season 2. totally addicting

  • dylan fernch

    Can’t wait til season 2

  • Kat

    This show ROCKS!!!!!!

  • BoogieBabe

    Is this the full length of the 2 episodes???

    • No, there are 6 episodes and we just added the additional 4.

      • Phillips Cindi

         episode 6 says its a private video and will not play!

  • Guest

    How many episodes is there all together in season 1???

    • 6 episodes total and we just added the 4 last ones.

      • Nelida

        Can’t find episodes 4-6?

  • Nicole

    Oh My God! I have to see the 2nd Season.. I Hope there will be one, i totally support having a second season. I’m a Number 1 Fan of Meagan. -Nicole:)

  • NicoleRoldan

    This Show is Awesome, i hope there’s a season 2. I’d love to watch it! I’m Meaghan’s Number 1 Fan!!!! 🙂 

  • Elena Wuzzi

    is there gonna be a season 2?

    • haha such a late reply, but I wish. doubt it now though.

  • K1ttybby

    Is there ganna be a second season?

  • Lolarenee96

    why is it on private!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Why are the videos private?

  • Hey everyone, I have good news and bad news.

    Good news, I have updated the first  5 episodes of the series on the page so that now you can start watching it again. 

    Bad news, I couldn’t find a new video for the season finale episode. Please direct all your request to http://www.facebook.com/alloyent for more episodes

  • Ana Ostroski

    can’t watch ):

  • stormy

    I WANT MORE 🙂 <3

  • stormy

    where can I watch the season finale?

  • SueSuePie

    Why is the last episode Private?

  • M Girl

    On the Wendy channel its says there are 8 episodes. Where are 7 and 8? Please wheree are they i love this web series.

  • Isabella

    There should be a season 2. >:I

  • Guest

    why cant i watch the lat episode!!!!!

  • Guest

    why cant i watch the last episode

  • Fellipe Marcel

    Is there really 5 minutes/episode ?

  • Fiona

    Why are the videos on private? To I need to join to watch?

  • Katharina

    Could you please arrange that the video can be watched where im from? Norway? Really want to watch this show. Annoying that i cant.

  • Mercy Kasa

    season 2 ???

  • Clara

    Why are the videos private? How can we see this series?

  • Andrew Weaver

    There’s a teaser for this series still framed in the newspaper dispenser at my college dorm. Amazed they haven’t changed it by now.

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