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It's hard to navigate the wild west of the internet and find really good web series to watch. Cindy & Patty divide & conquer by genre, bringing you the best shows out there and new ones to watch.

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  • Cindy Marie Jenkins
  • Patty Jean Robinson


  • Dan Jenkins (Production)
  • Adam Emperor Southard (Composer)
  • Coleman Hall Richardson (Camera)


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  • We produce a micro budget series called Shotgun Mythos. Here is a link to a our trailer. http://blip.tv/shotgunmythos/new-trailer-6558282 We have 14 episodes up currently, Season 1 contains 39 episodes and we’ve acquired a producer for Season 2. We’re an underdog and would appreciate your thoughts. Love your show and as a indie producer, really appreciate the attempt to shine a light on all the great content that is out there.

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