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Web Series 101

Web Series 101

Welcome to Web Series 101 on Web Series Channel. If you have never seen a web series before or if you are just beginning, this would be a great place to start. We have put together a few questions and answers so you can be on your way to get the most out of web series and Web Series Channel.

What Is A Web Series?

A web series is like a regular series except that you can only watch it on the internet.

How Is A Web Series Structured?

A web series is structured the same way a regular series is, with seasons and episodes. However, episodes for web series are called webisodes and can be as short as 2 minutes, although lengths do vary.

Where Do You Watch Web Series?

That is the eternal question, isn’t it? Well you can watch web series in a variety of place, but Web Series Channel has made it easier for you by regrouping as many web series as possible in one practical location. You will be able to watch most web series featured on Web Series Channel right there and then. And if you can’t watch it here, we’ll provide you with the place you can watch it at.

Where should I start?

It can be a little overwhelming at first when trying to get acquainted with web series. So we thought we would give you a starting point with a few of the best web series you can find on the web.

The very first web series you should watch, is also the most successful one (and for a reason):

The Guild

It was created by Felicia Day. You can get started right now on our page for The Guild here.

Here are a few other web series that you might want to check out as well. Click on the name of the web series to go to its page.

Angel of Death

The Bannen Way

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (Created by Joss Whedon)

In Gayle We Trust

The Legend of Neil

Nigel & Victoria

Rockville CA (Created by Josh Schwartz)

Once you’re done with all of them and are ready for more, it will be time to explore our extended library of web series. You can start right here. Or if you would rather start with our hand selected pick of the best web series out there, you can start right here.

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