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Jo (Giovanna Senatore) is looking for a shared apartment and she finds available a room in Dublin in sharing with three other people. They are un-dead guys but she is a bizarre girl that does not notice about their conditions. To this end she lives with those new tenants in a weird and surreal cohabitation.

Rufus (Norman Russo) and Candy (Cristiana Tirabassi) are zombies that try to live as they were alive whereas in the attic there is Micus (Ferrante Orcese) in chains because of his dangerousness.

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  • Giovanna Senatore as Jo
  • Cristiana Tirabassi as Candy
  • Norman Russo as Rufus
  • Ferrante Orcese as Micus


  • Giovanna Senatore (Scriptwriter/Director)
  • Norman Russo (Director
  • Post-production/Director of Photography)
  • Andrea Casagrande (Score Composer/Producer/Title Designer/Trailer Editor)


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