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Two Doors Down


Kevin Stone and Jennifer Pierce are two divorced parents, who compete, in their own starkly different styles, for the love of their shared child, Daniel. When Kevin moves into Jennifer’s trendy liberal neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, their differing ideas about parenting cause all kinds of friction between them as they are forced to work together in raising their son. Who knows what lengths people will go to when the one who drives you crazy lives only two doors down!

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Home Sweet Home

Season 1 | Episode 01 (09:16)

Kevin Stone & Jennifer Pierce are ex-spouses who share custody of their young son, Daniel. When Kevin moves into Jennifer's trendy liberal neighborhood, their agendas turn competitive as they find themselves living on the same street, just two doors down from each other.


  • Louie Cowan as Kevin Stone
  • Amber Mikesell as Jennifer Pierce
  • Bill McKinley as Steven Pierce
  • Jessica Cameron as Summer Perkins
  • Jaden Montgomery as Daniel Stone
  • and scOtt summitt as Baxter Neuhaus


  • Louie Cowan and scOtt summitt (Series Creators)
  • Louie Cowan (Director/Executive Producer)
  • scOtt summitt (Co-Producer/Assistant Director)
  • Mike McNeese (Director of Photography)
  • Parker Wiksell and Charles Mallory (Soundtrack Composers)
  • Tobias Roediger and Louie Cowan (Editor)


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