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Time Keeper


Time Keeper is a new Web Series produced by Yitibit Films and Vertine Productions. Join Mitch on his journey through time, changing history with each step he takes. His memory erased each time he jumps back, uncover the secrets as Mitch does in this new Sci-Fi Mystery.

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Inane Stuff

Season 1 | Episode 01 (08:03)

Episode 1 of Time Keeper


  • Matt Lunsford as Mitch Manners
  • Chris Jackson as Dave
  • Joanna Sycz as Susan
  • Brandii Banks as Jan
  • Jessica Alexander as Jill
  • James Rayfield as Homeless Man
  • Clare Ward Jenkins as Fortune Teller
  • Miranda Rivers as Emily


  • Daryn Murphy (Executive Producer/Writer/Director)
  • Matt Wightman (DP)
  • Wes Pratt (DP)
  • Jessica Alexander (Producer)
  • Scott Davis (Post Production Sound)


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