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Time for Passion


An arrogant, ignorant, Middle Eastern acting coach teaches his students the methods that made him a self-proclaimed star. In addition to moving to America and giving himself two last names, Johnson Roberts believes in one thing and one thing only… PASSION. His teachings include breaking things to show your passion, how to choose roles based on passionate elements of a film, and movie titles. There is always Time for Passion.

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The Fantom Johnson

Season 1 | Episode 01 (02:41)

Johnson Roberts is introduced to the World. His acting students learn important lesson about there kraft, Marlon Brando, and passion. There is only ONE way to show passion, and Johnson reveels it in this webisode. Johnson then takes stroll down Hollywood blvd (in Hollywood) and deals with large group of fans and paparatsi.


  • Amol Shah as Johnson Roberts
  • Darryl Gibson as Dominic
  • Alara Ceri as Rachel
  • Ben Blair as Yorkshire
  • Natasha Lloyd as Vivienne
  • Alexandra Grossi as Girl I meet on Street
  • Crystal Marie Denha as Jacquiline
  • Boyan Deam as Knox
  • Kaan Gurocak as Jack Ass
  • Cleve Nettles as Fan
  • Bonnie Rae Smalley as Very Passionate Student
  • Meghan Nystrom as Redhead Girl Who Sleeps
  • Lauren Gaw as This Girl
  • Max Benton as Kid
  • Julianne Valentine as Blond Girl
  • Chelsea Harris as Mel Bee


  • Kor Adana (Writer/Director/Producer)
  • Alara Ceri (Producer)


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