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They Live Among Us


They Live Among Us weaves horror, gothic romance and film noir in a tale of fallen angels, demons and star-crossed lovers as they struggle to exist in the City of Angels.

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Pull My Strings

Season 1 | Episode 01 (12:55)

Craig has had a really bad day; his girlfriend has kicked him out of their house. He heads off to find solace at the Paradise Bar, and believes his luck to change when he meets Lillith, a lovely stranger from a strange land... but instead, Craig discovers that love hurts.


  • James Thomas Gilbert
  • Brittani Ebert
  • Don Shirey
  • Justin Baker
  • Jessica Nicole Webb
  • Geoff Reeves
  • Rolf Saxon
  • Nina Rausch


  • Anne Lower (Writer/Director)
  • Steve Harshfield
  • Mike Stanislawski
  • Jeffrey Odum
  • Andrew Jernigan
  • Jonathan Stromberg
  • Kathryn Fernandez


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  • Don Shirey

    Great cast!Great crew! Worth a look!

  • Christine Koehler

    Amazing writing, cast and crew! Captivating film!

  • Stephanie Harkless

    I’m diggin’ it. When may we expect the second installment of what promises to be a fine series?

    • Hi Stephanie!

      Episode Two – Fall from Grace – is up!


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