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The world as we know it ,turns into a living hell.Chemical warfare has contaminated the oxygen that man breaths.The father Vince ,played by Geovanni molina and his son and best friend and four other adults team up to survive what we call THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.Drama fuels this story line.They fight to stay alive each day.Life will never be the same;But they choose not to give up no matter what they go through.The father's love for his son is the driving force to find a way to survive.

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  • Geovanni Molina
  • Chance Molina
  • Eddie Freeman
  • Kenneth Hampton
  • Max Gonzalez
  • Tricia Sheldon
  • Joseph Valez
  • Domingo Bueno


  • Gary Catronio
  • Steven Schellinger
  • Karen Freeman
  • Maria Weeks
  • Kenneth


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  • Zombies are coming

    Just saw the first episode. I wish I could get that 9 minutes of my life back. It was directed horribly. At just after 2 minutes there is a scene in an ally and supposedly its the end of the world but there are cars driving down a hwy like normal…. This needs some serious work

    • Geovanni Molina

      No,There’s still people alive.keep watching and you will see.Its only the beginning of THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

      • Zombies are coming

        I will keep watching and see how it turns out. I sure hope you kill off the guy with the dog very soon. I cant keep watching his horrible acting. Im pretty sure he was the worst part of this episode

        • THAIS


  • Jimmy Murphy

    Just watched episode 1,intense and it kept me on the edge of my
    seat cant wait for episode 2

    • hollywood Pictures

      On the edge of your seat really? Nothing happened it was a bunch of dead dialogue and HORRIBLE ACTING

  • ZombiesareComing

    I thought Episode 2 was suppose to be out on Friday? What happened?

  • Vitale Justice

    check your in box and call me

  • Zombie Killer

    This makes no sense. First of all the episodes are over before they even start. everything is so plain. The acting is HORRIBLE!, The locations there shooting is terrible, I don’t know what else to say except don’t waist your time

  • Filmthriller

    WTF!! I have heard of amateur filming but this is ridiculous. I teach at full sail and im going to use this video with my class. This series is a good example of everything not do when filming

  • Craycray

    When is episode 3 coming out?

  • Ejáye

    I LIKE IT! The father/son dynamic really works here, and this has a very naturalistic feel to it. The story has HEART amid a total chaos backdrop, which is “new.” Ignore the naysayers who don’t get the contrasting elements! Good job Geovanni.

  • Joel Desselles

    I think the episode was great, I sent in my demo reel, head shots, resume and more.

  • William Mortensen Vaughan

    Nick Lyon directed me in the SyFy Channel’s Zombie Apocalypse 2012, starring Ving Rhames. Jeremy Rubin directed me in a spec for a TV series called Z.A.S.K. (Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit).

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