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The Shop Is an original web series about the lifestyles, personalities and drama of a wanna-be upscale salon in Sherman Oaks, CA. With all the stations occupied with stylist and a barber, Tonya, the owner and also a stylist, is on a constant search for the perfect shampoo assistant. She also is trying to compete with her rival salon two blocks down the street, which is owned by someone she knows all so well. At one point in time it use to be her best friend.

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  • Orlando Deral as Otis
  • Crystal Rogers as Tonya
  • Mario Mosley as Flip
  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Petrona
  • William Guirola as Ceasar
  • Elaine Hoxie as Frankie
  • Tomoko Karina as Mami


  • Daniel Ben Ari
  • Orlando Deral (Director of Photography)
  • Taja V Simpson
  • Daniel Ben Ari
  • Orlando Deral (Directors )
  • Maya Lilyan (Associate Producer)
  • Xareni Penichet (Gaffer)
  • Kelli Jackson
  • Maya Lilyan (Set Design)
  • Xareni Penichet
  • Josh Seven (Sound)
  • Kathy Orozco
  • Gabriela Cardenas (MakeUp)
  • Maya Lilyan (Catering/Craft Services)
  • Maya Lilyan
  • Orlando Deral (Still Photographers)
  • Lizette Anaya
  • Orlando Deral (Editors)
  • Daniel Ben Ari (Color)
  • Michael Bogomolny (Composer)
  • Praatiek Dodeja
  • Angel Jimenez Jr (AD)


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