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The Puzzle Maker’s Son


David Harding receives a package from his father, five days after his funeral, which sends him on a quest to uncover the truth about his family. Some family secrets are better left hidden.

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Just Like Him

Season 1 | Episode 01 (03:19)

David is working an event in the city when he spots a strange figure watching him. As David approaches, the Suited Man slips out the back door. David follows to no avail. The Man is gone. David returns to the event where a phone call delivers terrible news. Days later. David finds himself in the house he grew up, coming to terms with the death of his father. He confronts his mother and reveals his suspicions of his fathers death. When he returns home, he finds a strange package in the mail and his apartment has been ransacked.


  • Michael Field
  • Michael Butler
  • Elizabeth DeSantis
  • Barbara S. Brown
  • Paul Hatrick


  • Michael Field (Director/Writer/Producer)


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