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The One Percent


The One Percent tells the stories of actresses Arianna Bradley, Camille Guilino, and Maria Diaz aka “Vanity”, as they climb their way to A-List level of success in the entertainment industry. In this provocative, funny, yet truthful web series, these characters will show audiences a side of the entertainment industry that they have never seen before.

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  • Marcie B. Scott
  • Vanessa Giordano
  • Daffany McGaray Clark
  • Brandon Heitkamp
  • Leon Walker
  • Michael Cory Davis
  • Jay C. Brothers
  • Matt Weber
  • Kim Manion


  • Benjamin C. Jones (Writer)
  • Choice Skinner (Director)
  • Jato Smith (DP)
  • Hai Lam-Phan (DP)
  • Satish Ferrando (Editor)
  • Ben Adams (Sound)
  • Alex Adler (Sound)


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