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The Newtown Girls


Scarlet is a girl determined to find true love in the quirky queer scene of Newtown. If she could only figure out what it is she really wants!

The Newtown Girls is a 10 part dramedy web series in which Scarlet must delve into the depths of dating drama in order to find her true soulmate. Scarlet returns to the ‘scene’ after years of absence to confront the typically-lesbian obstacles of ex-girlfriends, fashion faux pas, romantic advances from authority figures and a complicated relationship with her long-time best friend, Alex. Will Scarlet find what she is looking for or will pretending to be someone she isn’t result in her losing everything?

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I'm Home

Season 1 | Episode 01 (07:32)

Scarlet arrives home after spending a year in South East Asia mending a broken heart. Not only is she back, but she knows exactly what she wants. In fact she has a list, of all the things she needs to be happy, including finding her soulmate. When she shows up on her best friend Alex's doorstep she isn't exactly welcomed back with open arms. But this doesn't deter Scarlet who drags Alex into helping her track down and tick off the items on her list. And it all goes to plan – at first. While finding a job isn't that hard, finding your soulmate is a whole other story.


  • Debra Ades as Scarlet
  • Renee Lim as Alex
  • Kylie Watson as Veronica
  • Kate Austin as Kym


  • Natalie Krikowa (Writer/Producer)
  • Emma Keltie (Director)
  • Julie Kalceff (Writer/Director)
  • Elyse Horne (Production Manager)
  • Dani van Herk (Sound Recordist/Ass. Editor)
  • Renee McBeath (Editor)
  • Linda Campbell (Post Production Sound)


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