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The Nanny Interviews


In a place that birthed moving pictures, silicone implants, and four-dollar cupcakes, comes a young wife who is about to birth her very first offspring. Now if she can only find a nanny to raise it for her.

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The First Interview

Season 1 | Episode 01 (02:53)

Brook embarks on a 9-month journey...for the nanny of her dreams.


  • Beth Shea as Brook
  • Jason Harris as Brandon
  • Summer Harlow as College Student
  • Pasquale Cassalia as The Manny
  • Joy Gohring as Fatal AttractionLady
  • Noelle Messier as Secret Service Agent
  • Catherine Campion as Fangirl
  • Georja Umano as Juanita
  • Catherine Dao as Asian Nanny
  • Sheila Korsi as Maria


  • Nicole Sacker (Co-Writer/Director/Producer/Editor)
  • Cléa Frost (Producer/First AD)
  • James Tuverson (Producer/Camera)
  • Lin Kwan (Co-Writer/Set Dressing)
  • Tim West (Sound/Music)


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