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The Insight Company


The multi-genre series chronicles the initial read-through of a yet to be produced science-fiction TV show: The Insight Company, which takes place when dream recording and production is the most popular story-telling medium in the world.

Jammed in a tiny Chicago apartment, 11 performers gather on a weekly basis to cold-read and interpret the twelve, hour long telescripts.

In addition to the read through, the performers share with the camera secrets, insights, and hard truths about themselves, their fellow cast-mates and the meddling production team.

Nothing like The Insight Company has ever been written and nothing like its subsequent web-reality series has ever been attempted.

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  • Enan Heneghan
  • Scott Allen
  • Phoebe Stonebraker
  • Josh Guerrin
  • Gary Pascal
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Juan Montoya
  • Maura Guthrie
  • Lindsay Noell
  • Terri Lopez


  • Enan Heneghan (Creator/Writer/Producer)
  • Scott Allen (Producer)


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