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The Guineas Show


Follow the animated comedy web series of Americas favorite dysfunctional immigrant family, The Guineas as their pizzeria business caters to the antics of the biggest celebrities and egos in Hollywood and Washington.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (12:25)

Sal Sr. is campaigning for President of the 2D Party in the upcoming US Presidential election. Nanna has been diagnosed with Glaucoma and visits the doctor who provides her with a prescription for medical marijuana to cure her nausea. Marie faces the Judge for multiple "texting while driving" offenses and is sentenced to community service. Vito and Sal Jr. begin their search for dates to take to a party in the Hollywood Hills. Accompanied by some of Hollywood's hottest celebs, life goes on at Guineas Pizza... Its just one bigga meatball familia!


  • Ray St.Claire
  • Rick Austin


  • Ray St.Claire (Creator/Animator)
  • Francisco Barroso (Animator)
  • Debra Scotti (Producer)


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  • Racer Freeman

    Funnier then hell…LMFAO


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