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The Cynical Life


After die-hard Manhattanite Harper Hall gets dumped by her pseudo-rocker boyfriend (after moving to L.A. with him), she moves in with her little sister Sparrow, an “actress!” in Hollywood and her Invitro-egg selling roomies.

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David Hasselhoff's Illegitimate Daughter

Season 1 | Episode 01 (07:55)

Jaded children's author Harper goes to NYC for a book signing. Upon returning to L.A., she discovers her rocker boyfriend doing something he shouldn’t. Gets love advice from Skype therapist Rajit.


  • Ashley Avis
  • Camille Cregan
  • Gerry Bednob
  • Chelsea Rae Bernier
  • Janna VanHeertum
  • David Ballam
  • Justin Taite
  • Alex Ashbaugh
  • Bennett Gillespie
  • Ida Meyers
  • Kayley Laure Gable
  • Jensen Daggett


  • Ashley Avis (Writer/Producer/Creator)
  • F.Giustra (Executive Producer)
  • Amed Khan (Executive Producer)
  • Paul Harrison Daggett (Executive Producer)
  • Colin Day (Executive Producer)
  • Matthew Sullivan (Director)
  • Kevin Huie (Assistant Director)
  • Alexander Dobbs (Director of Photography)
  • Oko Carter (Production Assistant)


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