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The Collectibles is an original comedy web series following the adventures of the world’s foremost super hero team, The Power Posse, who, in the wake of a teammate’s career ending injury, must navigate office politics and leverage their mer-chandising potential to appease their corporate sponsors.

No easy feat for this quirky collection of characters. Led by the intrepid Super Star, perpetual man-child and heart of the group, we find the The Power Posse reeling from the unexpected (and somewhat suspect) loss of their “beloved” team-mate, The Crimson Pike.

The void left in his absence creates “challenge areas” for CorpCo Inc., the corporation that owns the rights to The Power Posse.
With worries about job security, market shares, and public opinion, our uncanny heroes must endure pressures from their corporate overlords as well as internal friction as new recruits are interviewed, re-lationships are strained and the very future of the team is placed in question.

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Pilot to Co-Pilot

Season 1 | Episode 01 (09:53)

The Power Posse is still reeling from the career ending injury of their comrade The Crimson Pike, when the executives at CorpCo Inc., send Vance Vermicular downstairs to explain there may be a "shift in the team hierarchy." Where some see crisis, others see opportunity.


  • Brian Sutherland as Super Star
  • Lisa Skvarla as Ultrafemme
  • Wonder Russell as Shield Maiden
  • Trish Loyd as Receiver
  • Dan Humphrey as The Quick
  • S Joe Downing as Death Wish
  • Elizabeth Daruthayan as Ennui
  • Frank Aye as Aguaman


  • Dan Heinrich (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer)
  • Todd Downing (Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer)
  • Landon Salyer (Story/Assistant Director/Producer)
  • Cherelle Ashby (Production design/Producer)
  • Jonelle Cornwell (Production design/Producer)
  • Trish Loyd (Story/Producer)
  • Raechelle Downing (Line Producer)


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