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The Blue Line


A Sitcom about the behind the scenes of a TV Cop drama!

"The Office", "30 Rock", and "Entourage" has a child with "Southland" in BOSTON!​

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  • David C Yee as Det. Mak/Johnny Wang
  • Wes McGee as Det. Briggs/Wesley Lite
  • Jorge-Luis Pallo as Det. Torres/ Fidel Rico
  • Tom Fisco as Justin "JB" Bieber
  • Amy Paffrath as Amber Kneel
  • Jennifer An as Abbey Briggs
  • Tasha Ames as Chelsea/Barbie
  • Shawn Lockie as Det. Fitzpatrick/Stehpanine Lynn
  • David O'Hara as Captian O' Mally
  • Alex Luu as Sky Dragon
  • Denee Busby as Nadia Star/LaWanda Johnson
  • Jason Yee as Det. William Chi
  • Austin Hollingsheadas as Chad
  • Mae Hi as Mrs. Zhang
  • Cheyenne Nguyen as Julie Zhang (little girl)
  • Bryne Owens as Boom Boy
  • Mike Betis as Doorman "Rage" Kevin Boston as Himself
  • Kristina Ellery as Hot Passenger
  • Kaden Rockett as Young Wesley Lite
  • Erik Adrian Santiago as PA
  • Mir Waiss Najibi as PA


  • David C. Yee (Writer/Producer)
  • Kevin Boston (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor)
  • Phoenix Gold Productions (Producers)
  • Richie Trimble (Director of Photography)
  • Rick Darge (2nd Unit DP)
  • Grady Justice (1st. AD)
  • Tony Schermetzler (UPM)
  • Joe Chueng (AC)
  • Saif Parkar (Sound)
  • Geoff Goodloe (Sound)
  • Johnny Wylie (Composer/Sound Design)
  • Damian Parada (Sound Design 2nd Unit)
  • Ace Underhill (Gaffer)
  • Lynn Rogers (Make Up)
  • Dani Maslaney (Make Up)
  • Ruthie Alcadie (Grip)
  • Vu Hoang (PA)
  • Brianna Clemons Kloutse (PA)
  • Mike Cheng (PA)


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