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The Actress Diaries


The Actress Diaries is a situation comedy set in downtown Vancouver Canada. The comedy explores the everyday hilarities of the hospitality gig and the overly ambitious adventures of two aspiring actresses: Australian, Lisa Kimberley Hughes and her number two, Canadian, Kate Bateman.

A female take on BBC’s Extras, this hilarious female centered comedy shares a simultaneously honest and disillusioned perspective on the casting and acting process.

You’ve never been behind the scenes like this before!

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  • Lisa Hughes as Lisa Kimberley Hughes
  • Kate Bateman as Kate Bateman
  • Ken Lawson as Bruce Richards
  • Jesse Reid as Jonathan Kilborn
  • Brynn Peebles as Delilah Deluca
  • Jennifer Pielak as Harper Parker
  • Aliyah O'Brien as Nikki Evans
  • Lisa Oives as Cassandra Carpeterner-Wells
  • Arianna McGregor as Maggie Deluca
  • Kris McRonney as Jackson Davis
  • Henry Mahr as Solomon Feng
  • Kelly Sanero as Mitchell Buchanan
  • Melanie Crystal as Joan Baker


  • Lisa Hughes (Writer/Director/Producerr)
  • Kate Bateman (Producer)
  • Sasha Popove (D.O.P)
  • Tim Rockey (First A.D /Editor)
  • Max Sussman (Location Sound)
  • Matt Drake (Sound Design)


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