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The Actors


The Actors is a comedy web-series about a group of young actors who are brought together to make a short film for a competition.

Recent drama graduate Nathan decides to get a group of actors together to make a short film and enter it into a competition. Attracted by the idea of a cash prize, seeing his vision come to life, and bossing other actors around while gaining valuable experience, Nathan goes into the project with high hopes, which are soon dashed.

The least experienced of the group, Nathan finds himself constantly challenged as the others all have their own ideas for their characters and the story.

Expect creative tensions, artistic tantrums, strong language and plenty of laughs as the group tries to stick together long enough to get their film made.

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  • Rob Plumbly as Andy
  • Kirsty Nadine as Anna
  • Melissa Hartzel as Belinda
  • Max Hutchinson as George
  • Camilla Gurtler as Kim
  • Ryan Booth as Nathan
  • Hanna Barel as The Waitress
  • Matt Brewer as Peter


  • Dave Connors (Writer/Director/Executive Producer)
  • John Bucknall (Director of Photography/ Editor)
  • Joe Bell (Music)
  • Rob Plumbly / Codswallop Films (Opening Animation)
  • Elena Filippova (Creative Producer)
  • Graham Jones (Script Assistant)
  • Joe Lyons (Script Assistant)
  • Michael Wager (Script Assistant)


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