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Fucking Hipsters.

With their skinny jeans and asymmetrical haircuts. Their ironic mustaches and sixties bangs. Their youth, ignorant, insistent and tyrannical. Googling and tweeting, Facebooking and retweeting. With their sexy duck faces and their tattoos and their fucking irony.

Sick, venal. Racked by indecision, falsity, fakery. A shallow, self-absorbed, passive- aggressive, non-committal, consumer dead end of civilization that’s on every major street corner. The serpent eating its tail, the end of history, curating themselves into oblivion.
Soon, very soon, a prophet will bring the rain to wash all this scum off the streets.
A bald prophet…

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

That’s right, Telly Savalas, the bald Greek icon himself. I know what you’re thinking… Kojak, really?

Imagine Aristotelis ‘Telly’ Savalas, thrust into the modern world. Navigating our technology, our mating rituals, our pathetic worries —
Telly Tips is a short web series about Telly Savalas, back from the dead turning these apathetic disenfranchised kiddies, one at a time, into real men! It’s about a man with a razor sharp moral code, fighting the indecision and solipsism of youth. A classic fish out of water story, Telly has to reconcile with his values in a world out of joint.

Telly Tips begins with Telly acclimating to this brave new world. Invariably, he runs into the hipster.As a man of distinction, Telly is… shocked! Since when does being young mean believing in nothing but yourself?

Telly sets out on a mission. Undaunted by this metastasizing cancer, he commits himself, by any means necessary, to REVOLUTION.

He’ll have to go undercover, dressed as one of them, to instill vitality and presence. Showing the world what it’s missing, to teach them what it means to be ALIVE.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (03:09)

1970's film and television icon, Telly Savalas (Kojak), has returned from the grave to give the cynical hipsters of today a swift kick in the pants. With lollipop in mouth, its up to the "Golden Greek" to turn these disenfranchised kiddies into real men.


  • Tom Dimenna as TELLY SAVALAS
  • Bob Turton as EDDIE BARRIS
  • Jake De Grazia as HIPSTER ONE
  • George Troester as HIPSTER TWO


  • David C.Herman (Co-Writer/Director/Editor)
  • Tom DiMenna (Co-Writer/Producer/Star)
  • Chris Hamilton (Camera)
  • Ben Templin (Sound)
  • Griffin Rodriguez (Re-Recording Artist)


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