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TeleviSean is a drama/comedy/documentary/adventure following the exploits of a dying guy and his two best friends as they attempt to make the very most out of the life they have left. But, as they journey to seek adventure, they begin to find themselves in the middle of a very strange mystery. Their path will be full of twists and turns, both dark and hilarious, and surprises they could have never foreseen. This genre-bending show will be sure to shock viewers who think they have it all figured out. Featuring the music of Jonathan Blackshire!

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Episode 1 - Confession

Season 1 | Episode 01 (17:47)

In the series premiere, Brady makes a difficult confession to the world, Elstro stops by for an important visit, and Em learns the shocking news.


  • Derek Elstro as Elstro
  • Danielle Reverman as Em
  • Sean Robinson as Brady
  • Katarina Leigh Waters as Natasha
  • Ashley Staples as Amy
  • Monika Balyan as Molly
  • Gary Gunter as Stephen
  • Garrett Liggett as Troy
  • Nicole Stoehr as Isabella
  • Sam Migliozzi as Caroline
  • Euni Lee as Lisa
  • Jeff Trenkle as Tyler
  • Alex Angarita as Joey
  • Melissa Riso as Miss Colby


  • Dane Story (Co-Director/Director of Photography)
  • Jonathan Blackshire (Music)
  • Sean Robinson (Writer/ Producer/Co-Director)
  • Garrett Liggett
  • Russ Knight


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