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The chance to become a chart-topping star doesn’t happen every day, but Harper Walker is no ordinary talent. She’s a wild-child with a killer voice—not to mention a bff named Danielle, who’ll fight more fiercely for Harper than any pit bull Hollywood manager would.

When Harper gets the chance to sign with a record label, she and Danielle head to LA, where life is a beach party, the music execs are sharks, and it takes more than talent to survive. But Harper has much more than talent—she has Danielle by her side. Watch what happens on Talent.

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As Easy As Getting a Record Deal

Season 1 | Episode 01 (09:47)

<p>It's just another night at the ski lodge where Harper Walker sings and her best friend Danielle tends bar . . . until a pop star breezes in with her entourage and changes Harper's life forever. The next stop is Hollywood, where Danielle and Harper get their first lesson in how to negotiate with music execs.</p>


  • BC Jean
  • Vinessa Antoine
  • Jay Haden
  • Mishell Livio
  • A.J. Buckley
  • Kimberley Crossman


  • Alloy Entertainment


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  • I'm ejnyoing the episode, but I think 75 minutes is rather too long to listen to in one sitting.Any chance you could do shorter episodes?

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