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Survival Mode


The zombie apocalypse has ravaged the planet and humanity is surviving any way it can. Former pop star Damian (Cameron Edwards) with the last living member of his entourage Marcus (Kane Ogieva) are taking refuge in a cupboard, and their not going anywhere. Their lives are forever changed when a mysterious woman named Millie takes refuge in the cupboard.

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  • Cameron Edwards
  • Kane Ogieva
  • Caitlin Broster


  • Louise Camish (Director)
  • Chris Suffield (Writer)
  • Mike Jelves (Editor)
  • Marlon Trotman (Music)
  • Humberto Michelacci (2nd Unit Director)


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  • Abby Carta

    These guys are so funny. That is exactly what I would do in the apocalypse – hide in a cupboard. Can’t wait for episode 3.

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