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Submit a Web Series


Web Series Channel has officially closed its doors and will not be accepting any new submissions. For now it will remain available as an archive website.

Thank you for all your years of support!

Did you create a web series or know of one that should be included on Web Series Channel? If so, let us know about it.

– Your series must be in english (or have english subtitles) to be considered.
– You MUST submit at least one episode (not trailer) from the series to be considered.

Please use the form below to submit a new web series. Your submission will be reviewed by an administrator for approval before appearing on Web Series Channel. Make sure you READ OUR GUIDE on how to submit a web series here in order to follow the correct formatting.

If you would like to submit a new episode(s) to an existing web series, you can do so here.

Please note: Because of the high amount of submission we receive, priority will be given to web series submissions that provide the most complete information, along with the correct formatting required on the form.

Your web series submission might be pushed down our queue if:

– The information submitted is not complete
– The information is not submitted with the correct formatting
– We are required to do additional research to understand the information that was submitted and/or what the web series is about.
– You have not submitted episode(s) along with your web series submission (you can submit episodes here)

These rules allow us to process web series submissions faster. Thank you for understanding.

For more information about our policy regarding our inclusion of web series into our database, please read our FAQ page.

Please READ OUR GUIDE on how to submit a web series before your submission.

Also make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to find out when/if your web series gets accepted.

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