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STORYTELLERS is Skins meets Are You Afraid of the Dark? – the summer before they leave for college, a group of unlikely friends gathers around a campfire to tell scary stories, and what begins as joking fun grows steadily more frightening. As the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur, our group of storytellers ultimately discover more than they bargained for about their world…and each other.

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  • Joey Graceffa as Hunter Crowley
  • Kristina Cole as Skyler Evans
  • Jessica Lu as Mai Himura
  • Jake Thomas as Finn Avery
  • Devyn Smith as Celia Crowley
  • Pierson Fode as Blazer
  • Yukiko Haneda as Professor Himura
  • Andrew James Allen as Alastor
  • Jana Winternitz as Mara


  • Joey Graceffa (Creator/Executive Producer)
  • Michael Gallagher(Director)
  • Whitney Milam(Producer/Writer)


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