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Stars Of The Future


With the ever growing obsession with celebrities and ‘the next big thing’ a documentary camera crew have set out to film the lives of young performers in their final year at a London drama school before they attempt to make a name for themselves in the industry.

The series revolves around Frederick: an openly gay musical theatre student, Junior: a former child actor from America, Arthur: who is desperately looking for his big break, Paul: a Rockstar who has already made a name for himself and his unlikely side kick Malcolm.

What brings them together is the experience they all share in their final year at The P.R.A.T. School as they attempt to rehearse and perform their final show. This series shows how hard the actors and musicians we know and love today have worked to get where they are and how hard it can be for someone new to make a name for themselves in the creative industry.

Stars Of The Future is a Mockumentary Web Series created by Dulwich Studios.

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Episode One

Season 1 | Episode 01 (18.04)

Welcome to The Performing Recording Arts Technology School, better known as The PRAT School. Subjects are all focused towards the performing arts which range from Theatre to Music and from Musical Theatre to Dance, you can even study Technical Theatre. The series will follow a group of students in their final year as they prepare for their final shows and the industry that awaits them once they graduate. In this episode we meet each of the students we'll be following and see what it is like to train as a performer. Is it as easy as Glee and High School Musical make out? Watch the episode to find out!


  • Alex Evans as Steve/Malcolm
  • Josef Pitura-Riley as Paul/Oliver/Dan
  • Anthony Cahill as Arthur/Gary
  • Jordan Shaw as Junior
  • Alex McGeary as John
  • Nicole Holliday as Megan
  • Kana Gordon as Jenny
  • David Riley as Narrator


  • Josef Pitura-Riley (Writer/Director/Editor/Composer/Camera Operator)
  • David Riley (Camera Operator/Boom Operator)
  • Jack Perry (Camera Operator/Boom Operator)
  • Amy Pitura-Riley (Boom Operator)
  • Calum Rogers (Boom Operator)
  • Alex Evans (Assistant Camera Operator/Assistant Boom Operator)
  • Alex McGeary (Assistant Boom Operator)


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