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The show focuses on an eclectic group of Angelinos in the entertainment industry who are tied together by bonds of friendship, family, proximity and their shared addiction to nicotine.

Each episode takes place over the span of a cigarette and deals with the difficulties of freelancing in the film business and each character’s individual struggles to get by while pursuing their respective creative passions in the midst of a recession.

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The Quitter

Season 1 | Episode 01 (03:22)

Weirdos, derelicts, dreamers, starving artists, actors, writers, musicians, transvestites, murderers, all living the dream while struggling to make ends meet, and all hopelessly addicted to nicotine.


  • Jemal Draco as Teddy
  • Cat Doss as Kylie
  • Richard Rey as Al
  • Holli Dean as Ellen
  • Gregg Lawrence as Ellis
  • Tommy Dorian as Chi
  • Justin Blakely as Marc
  • Emilio Palame as Conrad
  • Taylor Edwards as Amy
  • Craig Chen as Liaison Officer


  • Jerome Berglund (Writer/Director/Producer)
  • Cat Doss (Producer)
  • Adam Bravo (Composer)
  • Jerry Wolfe (Production Sound)


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