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This dark comedy/horror series is the story of a girl named Lily Drover and how she became a serial killer. Throughout the first season she finds herself in sticky situations and hurts the people closest to her.

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  • Marzy Hart as Lily Drover
  • Amanda Hughes as Jane
  • Deirdre O'Keefe as Boss Lady
  • Craig Coffman as Record Store Guy
  • Jessica Coghill as Record Store Babe
  • Michael DeBartolo as Victim
  • Seth Michael May as Homeless Guy
  • Justin Picone as Customer 1
  • Matthew Cronin as Customer 2
  • Michael Patrick Lane as Detective 1
  • Coby O'Brien as Detective 2


  • Daniel Ferry (Writer/Director/DP)
  • Marzy Hart (Producer)
  • Alex Abrahams (Assistant Director & Chief Lighting Tech) Chris Choi (2nd Camera DP)
  • Greencard Pictures (Producer)


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