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A little over a year ago, an incident occurred that is now being called the ‘Bahia Incident’.
A factory server threatened to override its programming, for reasons unknown to its engineers or programmers. Now it’s up to two brilliant but antagonistic professors, an upstart graduate student and a documentary film crew to attempt to understand the unknown.

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Do You Sleep Here, Professor?

Season 1 | Episode 01 (05:30)

Graduate Student Mark Andresen approaches Professor Silas Faulkner of the Human Redevelopment Initiative about something that's happened in Brazil termed 'The Bahia Incident'.


  • Russell Jordan as Silas Faulkner
  • Einar Gunn as Andros Palmiotti
  • Oliver Burns as Mark Andresen
  • Nathan Faudree as Steve Real
  • David Lamberton as Allen Forsythe


  • Brian Neuls (Producer/Director/Writer/Cameraman)
  • Paul Neuls (Producer/Writer/Cameraman)
  • James Dietz (Audio)


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