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Short Term


Short Term is a web series that takes a comedic look at the day to day life of temporary employment. Follow along with the adventures of our employees as they try to make a difference in this troubled economy one job placement at a time. Need a Job? Good Luck.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (5:05)

Meet the employees of the temporary staffing agency Short Term.


  • Heather Horton as Molly
  • Raj Kalra as Naresh
  • Emily Button as Karen
  • Alison Koellisch as Caitlin
  • Kim Reed as Joan
  • Brad Leaf as Aldin Graves
  • Christopher Guetig as Danny


  • Jeffery L. Parks (Producer/Director/Writer)
  • Heather Horton (Producer)
  • Jennifer Bobiwash (Producer)
  • Ryan Pennington (Director of Photography)
  • Nate Barger (Sound)
  • Rob Gokee (Theme)
  • Joe Nueburger (Assistant Director)
  • Jeanine Peters (Assistant Director)


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