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shopping for friends


In the city, it can be hard to lock down a solid friend. In the throes of friendlessness, Tony decides to follow a complete stranger, Liev, in the hopes of becoming new besties. This is the story of their awkward & sweet Berlin friendship.

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  • Lacey Haynes as Liev
  • Vanessa Locke as Tony
  • Artug Kutkesen as Cashier
  • Pedro Malacas as Poetry Guy
  • Jane Stanness as Guru
  • Nick Maher as Stan


  • Lacey Haynes (Director/Creator/Writer/Producer)
  • Vanessa Locke (Co-Director/Creator/Co-Editor/Producer)
  • Nick Maher (Co-Director/Production Sound)
  • Pawel Jarecki (DOP)
  • Brigid Annand (Production Sound / Production Assistant)
  • David Lindes (Editor)
  • Wolf Niederhoffer (Co-Editor)


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