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Shooters Stance The Run Down


Officer Lindsey is called in to speak with Lieutenant Burdett to discuss his O.I.S report or Officer Involved Shooting report.
Lt. Burdett also informs Lindsey that the deceased young man shot by his team is being investigated by the young man's dad who happens to be a high ranking retired Army Criminal Investigator.

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  • Alfred Woodley as William Lindsey
  • Alfonso Freeman as Mayor Davoren
  • Damien Leake as Joseph Madison Jr.
  • John Freeland Jr as Gary
  • Niambi Sims as Reporter
  • David Alan Graf as Lieutenant Burdett


  • Jabari Evans (Sound)
  • Stewart Hollins (Lighting and Electrical)
  • Bruce Bosley (Grip)
  • Aaron Christopher (Grip)
  • Naashon Lee (Grip)


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  • Siilaac Arr

    This is real life drama that with more people viewing will give this cast and crew the opportunity to advance, grow and give the viewer more. I like what I see and it has much potential for much more. Bravo !!! SHOOTERS STANCE Bravo!

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