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Sevvy Hounds


Scheming office workers are investigated for deliberately tanking their jobs to score severance checks.

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Severance Is the New Bonus

Season 1 | Episode 01 (06:21)

Layoffs are bad, but pay day is sweet. Watch as office workers battle it out for severance on SEVVY HOUNDS. In this premiere episode, Trent schools his skeptical co-workers on the golden path to workplace payouts, and attracts the unwanted attention of company investigators.


  • Andy Schindler as Trent Steele
  • Marcus Jones as Melvin Pratt
  • Karen Harrison as HR Manager


  • Michael Schindler (Writer/Producer/Co-Director/Editor)
  • Leor Baum (Producer/Co-Director)
  • Sebastien Hameline (Cinematographer)
  • Fabien Hameline (Music)


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