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Southern gal Bobbi’s plans for a predictable suburban life suddenly implode when she finds her fiancé in a diaper with a dominatrix. Encouraged to join her two best girlfriends, Coco and Tara, in San Francisco, she leaves small town Georgia behind for the big city. Over the next year, the three friends navigate their social lives at a dizzying pace and Bobbi begins to discover what she wants in life and love. SanFranLand is a story about picking up and starting over, about reinventing yourself in a city where you truly can be anything.

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  • Ashley Chaney as Bobbi Winters
  • Chrissy Mazzeo as Tara Walker
  • Liz Anderson as Coco Rocco


  • Ryan Lynch (Writer/Director/Executive Producer)
  • Laura Wainer (Producer)
  • Chrissy Mazzeo (Producer)


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