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Backed by beats from DJ JUDAH, rising hip hop star SHIVA dominates the NYC freestyle scene, spitting lyrics into the mic, making ladies swoon…and driving his nemesis (fading diva HEAVEN) into a competitive fury. After an MC battle, Heaven’s hype man is devoured by a shadowy figure. More killings occur, and Shiva’s reputation grows. His lyrics become increasingly twisted, cannibalistic…yet prophetic. A bloody, hallucinatory encounter with Shiva and a sexy groupie follows. In a radio interview, Shiva espouses a cryptic philosophy founded on the religious virtues of consumption and destruction. As a sinister climax with Heaven nears, DJ Judah is forced to ask: are Shiva’s cannibalistic lyrics just an act…or is he really a serial killer?

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The Jump Off (Bum Rush The Freak Show)

Season 1 | Episode 01 (04:45)

All hell breaks loose when fading diva HEAVEN bum-rushes the stage for an impromptu freestyle battle with rising star SHIVA. When her hype-man JOJO jumps in to save his boss lady's rep, a mysterious figure expresses his displeasure.


  • Al Thompson
  • Craig "muMs" Grant
  • Bridget Barkan


  • Phil Roc (Director)
  • Jorge Rivera (Writer)
  • Aaron F. Schnore (Writer)
  • Billy Fox (Writer)


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