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Reasons Y I’m Single


A comedy web series about being single, over 30 and under fabulous. Doris, Joannie and Gina are unlikely friends who met decades ago as kids in Banana Splits. Banana Splits is a therapy group for 3-5 year olds whose parents are divorced. Now in their 30s the women wonder Y they are still Single.

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  • Elaine Del Valle as Doris
  • Holie Barker as Joannie
  • Gina Tuttle as Gina
  • Karin de la Penha as Joannie's Mom
  • Eric Gravez as Walking Dead Guy
  • Cliff Samara as Cashier
  • Lina Sarrello as Store Manager
  • Marion Steinger as Lady on line
  • Carmen Medina as Limp Lady
  • Gregory Jones as Michael
  • Sam Burhoe as Beer Guy
  • Joie Bauer as Joe
  • Kurt Kelly as Waiter


  • Elaine Del Valle (Director/Writer/Producer)
  • Holie Barker (Writer)
  • Taryn Kosviner (Assistant Director)
  • Saro Varjabedian (Cinematographer)
  • Lee Peterkin (1st Assistant Camera)
  • Engin Ufuk Kaplan (Sound)
  • Nathan Milette (Gaffer)
  • Jonathon Alvarado (Gaffer)
  • Mukta Payne (Grip)
  • Lionel Christian (Production Manager)
  • Rachel Hevesi (Make-Up)
  • Al Eskanazy (co-producer)


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