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The Real Daughters of POP


Daughters of POP, a 15-second serialized show for Instagram, tells the story of Chloe Valentine (Anna Borchert) and Beth Henley (Heather Lee Moss), best friends who were born into pop star royalty. They grew up together like sisters on the road while their famous mothers toured the world. Life was good until everyone stopped touring and had to start getting real. The recent resurgence of their mothers' careers caused the girls to question who they are and just what they have to offer the world. So, they decided to figure it out like all millennials — on social media.

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  • Heather Lee Moss
  • Anna Borchert
  • Charlie Merlo
  • Meg Schaab
  • Chad Layman
  • Logan Loughmiller
  • Philip Daniel


  • Chad (Director) Layman
  • Richard ( Editor & Director) Carroll
  • Anne (Producer) Woods
  • Heather Lee (Executive Producer) Moss
  • Anna (Executive Producer) Borchert


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