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Partners in Pretension


“Partners in Pretension” is a series that follows the story of Angel Valenzuela and Dorian Blue as they attempt to navigate life after college graduation. Faced with unemployment, graduate school rejection and hopelessly out of touch the boys hope revenue from online how-to videos will bring them the respect and money they so desire.

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How to Coexist with the Common Man

Season 1 | Episode 01 (12:43)

Partners in Pretension is a series that follows the trials of Angel and Dorian as they attempt to profit off of the ignorance of the common man through how to videos. Meet our heroes in episode one.


  • Fernando Noor as Angel
  • Tristan Scott-Behrends as Dorian
  • Kate Hackett as Eden
  • Clayton Farris as Everett


  • Claire Wasmund (Creator/Writer/Director/Producer)
  • Fernando Noor (Creator/Producer)
  • Jonah Bierlein (DP)
  • Rosey Johnson (Makeup)
  • Lex Benedict (Editing)
  • Greg Cruser (Editor)
  • Rafael Kajatt (Sound Mixer)
  • Brandon K. Verrett (Original Theme)


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