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The Ordinary Stories of Polish Londoners


"The Ordinary Stories of Polish Londoners" is the first series of a project aspiring to introduce London's communities to each other, and highlight the value of the 'ordinary person' in the city's machinery.

London is a kaleidoscope of nations. The history of colonisation together with opening borders to the new EU countries made this town a lively stew of all possible ethnicities.

Multiculturalism has become such an important characteristic of the city. Yet, all the ethnicities remain distanced.

This project is an insight into the real hidden London and a study of its constant flow of personalities, ideas, dreams, philosophies. First series peeks into the Polish community.

"London is not, and never has been, a city of native Londoners. For nearly all of its history it has been fed my migration."
– A People's History of London, German & Rees, 2012

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Episode #1: Iza

Season 1 | Episode 01 (04:22)

First episode features Iza, a talented photographer from Rzeszów. She fell in love with London, and refuses to leave despite obstacles the town throws at her. She's a fashion geek, former employee of Jonathan Saunders and a style icon acclaimed by other fashion geeks (lordashbury.com/from-krakow/). Iza is certain that London is her place in the world. At least until it stops surprising her.


  • Iza Rembisz
  • Marek Kaźmierski
  • Anna Rzepecka
  • Magda Kowalczyk


  • Agnieszka Chmura (Filmmaker)
  • Jonathan Seakens (Music)
  • Adam Seakens (Music)


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