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Oblivion is a 22-minute episodic series following the exploits of a group of of punks, mods and rockers in the fictional city of Holwenstall.

The show was created by no-budget filmmaker Mike Cuenca and is a spin-off of his first feature film, Scenes from Oblivion, in which many of the starring characters make their first appearance.

The series is a satirical portrayal of the counter-culture lifestyle, blending slapstick humor, absurdism, music and coming of age melodrama to analyze the interlocking lives of its fourteen main protagonists.

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  • Rachel Castillo as JOY
  • Eric Gustin as RAT
  • Josh Hicks as POX
  • Jennifer Higgins as LOUISE
  • Kimberly Higgins as DARLA
  • Max Jones as CLIFF
  • Julie Pepin as BLAIR
  • Kirk Podell as DEXTER
  • Chad Post as FRANKIE
  • Jeff Rice as VINCE
  • Sara Camille Riviello as FAY
  • Brian Waters as CUTTER
  • Kent Zardenetta as ARSENIC
  • Mike Cuenca as ZIGGY


  • Mike Cuenca (Writer/Director)


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