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Jeremy and Erika, twenty-something best friends determined to be the black Lucy and Ethel by resurrecting their once “popular” webseries Nightstrife. With Jeremy fresh off the tarmac in Chicago from Los Angeles he and Erika are ready to work through their issues and resurrect the best sketch show you’ve probably never heard of (but should have). #NightStrife, the television series, was birthed from a frustration with the lack of African- Americans in televised comedy and what Jeremy and Erika felt was a lack of sophistication of material given to black comedians. With #NightStrife, the webseries, they decided to create a comedy series like nothing else on YouTube.

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  • Jeremy O. Harris
  • Erika J. Simpson
  • Chris Rubarth


  • Jeremy O. Harris (Co-Director/Co-Writer)
  • Erika J. Simpson (Co-Director/Co-Writer)
  • Chris Rubarth (Cinematographer)
  • Isabella Summers[of Florence + the Machine] (Music Supervisor)


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  • J.M. Bee

    What is this show???? This is hilarious! When are there more? LOL.

  • Moshe P

    I like the mumblecore vibe with this one. Keep up the good work.

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