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Red begins her first year at University by joining a society called 'N'everland'. All is not as it seems though, as something sinister unravels between her and her friends.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (13:13)

RED BEGINS A NEW CHAPTER IN HER LIFE AT UNIVERSITY BY JOINING A SOCIETY CALLED 'N'EVERLAND'. "Pilot" -- Red begins her life at University. Along the way she encounters plenty of fresh faces and decides to join a society called 'N'everland'. But is all as it seems or has Red signed up for something she will regret?


  • Jessica Angelopoulos
  • Charlie Carpenter
  • Aidan Chalmers
  • Victoria Little
  • Katherine Nheu
  • Zoe Tomaras
  • Timothy Camden
  • Udonnis StVictor
  • Jacinta Antcliff
  • Lachlan Mccubbin
  • Silvia Pinneri


  • Joel Evans
  • Melissa Bahrum
  • Ofentse Moerane
  • Shahbaz Malik
  • Jessica Nicole
  • Robert Warren
  • Michael Yu
  • Olivia Dent
  • Rachael Sharp
  • Chris Rylatt
  • Genevieve Enright
  • Silvia Pinneri
  • Timothy Camden


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