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Nerf War


A grungy factory houses the aftermath of a strange experiment gone wrong. Our main character, once a man on a mission has now been passed out for a long amount of time and must figure out what happened to the world he knew. However he begins to sense that his whole world may be the imagination of a child.

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  • Kevin Rippman as Agent 112
  • Blair Campbell as Steven the Executioner
  • Alex Huntoon as Trinity
  • Daniel Thrasher as Billy the Bully
  • Kai Paquin as Hot Feet
  • Diana Regolizio as Gligin Pegasister
  • John Deifer as The Lost Man
  • Bruce Saunders as Smiley
  • Donna Scott as Hell's Angel
  • Jackson Whalen as Child Agent 112
  • Mason Wilson as Child Steven the Executioner
  • Kayleigh Lee as Child Hell's Angel
  • Madeline Moench as Child Biker Back up


  • Patrick Rippman (Writer/Director/Editor)
  • Diana Regolizio (Assistant Director)
  • Maya Kawachi (Lighting Director/Make up)
  • Kristin Meyer (Gaffer/Make up/Illustrator)
  • Cabel Adkin (SFX/Mixer)
  • Nolan Jenkins (Dialogue Editor)


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