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My Ghost Sister & Me


The story of My Ghost Sister & Me follows a 13 year old girl named Rosie Jenkins who has always felt something was missing from her life…and one day she found out exactly what that ‘something’ was – her Sister. Rosie discovered she has a sister, a sister who was unlike any other: a Sister who is a Ghost.

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Episode 01

Season 1 | Episode 01 (02:00)

Rosie meets Amy for the first time when they share a warm moment that awakens a sense of familiarity in Rosie.


  • Heather Oconnell
  • Jason Oconnell
  • Dominic Oconnel


  • Jason Oconnell


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  • my ghost sister and me is brilliant :D. im not normally an emotional person but this brings it out in me

  • laura

    i LOVE my ghost sister and me. Amy is my fave! x

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