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Man at Arms is the newest digital series from Break Media. It follows LA-based expert Hollywood blacksmith, Tony Swatton, as he builds real-life versions of iconic pop-culture weapons at his specialty shop "Sword & Stone." Swatton is responsible for the props used in Hollywood's biggest films, including Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Spider-Man, The Last Samurai, and The Ring. The first episode, presented by HBO's Game of Thrones, can be found here:

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  • Tony Swatton


  • Break Media (Production Company)


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  • Dwain

    Could you forge a human size voltron blazing sword. Not the katana style, but US series style.

  • dan dunagan

    Could you forge a pyramid head helmet and his sword. He is off of the movie Silent Hill.

  • watahyahknow .

    ever considered the metal boomerang from mad max 2

  • fullmetal

    MAKE EDWARD ELRICS AUTOMALE ARM WITH THE BLADE, from fullmetal alchemist!!

  • steven


  • curtis

    I’d love to see Poseidon’s trident from wrath of the titans!

  • Josh Epperson

    Could you create the “Gunblade” from the video game Final Fantasy 8? Be interesting to see an actual working sword and gun combo weapon.

  • Brandon Lemaster

    It would be awesome to see the Daedric sword in Skyrim. It would look awesome.

  • KurbyKat

    katana’s blade fans from mortal kombat

  • Airk Drake

    Highlander sword please. From the movie.

  • robert A. may

    you need to make “Hawk-eye” Mihawk’s” sword, i think it would look really cool
    (if you don’t know who hawk-eye is, look it up on one piece wiki)

  • IvanFromRussia

    Could you create Cosimo Medici movie sword by Davinci Demons? It is very beutifule and massive sword, i thinks than would be so inetersting for you/

  • Zoren Casem

    Pls make the latest three swords of zorro in one peice

  • Caleb

    Could you create the “razor sword” from the Zelda game Majora’s mask? I’ve looked for it else where but they all looked rather dull.

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