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Man at Arms is the newest digital series from Break Media. It follows LA-based expert Hollywood blacksmith, Tony Swatton, as he builds real-life versions of iconic pop-culture weapons at his specialty shop "Sword & Stone." Swatton is responsible for the props used in Hollywood's biggest films, including Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Spider-Man, The Last Samurai, and The Ring. The first episode, presented by HBO's Game of Thrones, can be found here:

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  • Tony Swatton


  • Break Media (Production Company)


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  • Dwain

    Could you forge a human size voltron blazing sword. Not the katana style, but US series style.

  • dan dunagan

    Could you forge a pyramid head helmet and his sword. He is off of the movie Silent Hill.

  • watahyahknow .

    ever considered the metal boomerang from mad max 2

  • fullmetal

    MAKE EDWARD ELRICS AUTOMALE ARM WITH THE BLADE, from fullmetal alchemist!!

  • steven


  • curtis

    I’d love to see Poseidon’s trident from wrath of the titans!

  • Josh Epperson

    Could you create the “Gunblade” from the video game Final Fantasy 8? Be interesting to see an actual working sword and gun combo weapon.

  • Brandon Lemaster

    It would be awesome to see the Daedric sword in Skyrim. It would look awesome.

  • KurbyKat

    katana’s blade fans from mortal kombat

  • Airk Drake

    Highlander sword please. From the movie.

  • robert A. may

    you need to make “Hawk-eye” Mihawk’s” sword, i think it would look really cool
    (if you don’t know who hawk-eye is, look it up on one piece wiki)

  • IvanFromRussia

    Could you create Cosimo Medici movie sword by Davinci Demons? It is very beutifule and massive sword, i thinks than would be so inetersting for you/

  • Zoren Casem

    Pls make the latest three swords of zorro in one peice

  • Caleb

    Could you create the “razor sword” from the Zelda game Majora’s mask? I’ve looked for it else where but they all looked rather dull.

  • Kevin D. Burton

    I am a fan of cheesy Kung Fu movies. I love a movie called “Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976)”. I have always wondered if one could actually be made? This weapon supposedly hails from the time of the Yongzheng Emperor during the Qing Dynasty. There are stories and crude drawings detailing the appearance but no clear instructions on the use or method of production are known to exist. Dont know if anyone has ever tried to reproduce one….ever!

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