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The Lower Caste


Five years after being the subjects of a documentary exploring the social hierarchy of American high schools, AAA, Teddy, and Dustin are once again in front of the cameras. On the lowest level of their respective social classes (nerd, jock, pretty boy), the filmmakers observe this odd group of best friends as they try their hardest to break their labels all whilst playing directly into their stereotypes. With a hefty dose of pop culture references, political incorrectness, insecurity, and a complete lack of self-awareness, these three young men set out on a journey to learn that no one fits into the narrow boxes we make for them. Lots of heart, lots of laughs, lots of Wii Tennis.

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Masters of Wii Tennis

Season 1 | Episode 01 (25:07)

Dustin tricks AAA and Teddy into participating in a half marathon instead of their planned Multi-Semi Annual Wii Tennis Classical Championship. Teddy falls for Jack, Dustin's old BFF. Dustin and AAA compete for Natasha's heart.


  • Sean Gibson as Dustin
  • Christos Kalabogias as Teddy
  • Tommy Grimes as AAA
  • Whitney Nielsen as Camille Bascott
  • Kevin Brannon as Jack
  • Laura Berberich as Natasha


  • Tommy Grimes (Writer/Director/Editor)
  • Daniel Montoya (Cinematographer)
  • Ron Gallo (Music)
  • Narasim Poli (Beats)
  • Carl Vasile (Additional Music)
  • Fred Heidbrink (Opening Credits)
  • James Taylor Jr. (Graphics)


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